Monday, February 27, 2006

Caucus Staffers Took Part-Time Leave for Full-Time Campaign Work, Kratochwill Says

Kratochwill testified that he drew up staff plans for campaign season, and often talked to Jensen about those plans. He said at the peak of the campaign cycle, ARC would have 26-27 people out working on campaigns.

Kratochwill said the staffers were paid part-time by campaign committees while they were out in the field working full-time on campaigns. At the same time, staffers would report 20-50 percent leave from their state jobs.

Blanchard asked Kratochwill if Jensen ever displayed any "concern" over the pay arrangement. Kratochwill said no. Asked why the staffers were paid the part-time salary from the campaigns, Kratochwill responded, "Appearance."

In a specific incident, Kratochwill recalled Jensen being unhappy that not enough staff was provided for the campaign of MaryAnn Lippert. "He wanted staffers there earlier rather than later," he said. Kratochwill said Jensen wanted three staffers on the campaign full-time after the primary.


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