Friday, February 24, 2006

Carey Says Staff Put In Plenty of Hours of State Work

During cross-examination, defense attorney Stephen Meyer asked whether Carey felt, despite the campaign work, that he and the ARC staff "gave the state 2,000-plus hours a year." Carey said he believes they did, and that policy work for the Republican Assembly members never suffered.

Carey also told Meyer he learned how to do his job as caucus director through orientation from his predecessors. Carey said he inherited some policies for what expenses RACC would pick up. Postage was paid for by RACC, as was a phone line at the ARC office.

"If there was a direct expenditure, from the state, of monies -- that was something we'd try to avoid," said Carey.

As an illustration of the standard, Carey said, "a computer is not a tangible expense of money -- although there is depreciation I suppose -- as opposed to something like postage."


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