Friday, February 24, 2006

Carey Outlines Director's Job Duties

Assistant Attorney General Roy Korte is handling the questioning of former Assembly Republican Caucus director Ray Carey.

Carey, who is now a Foley & Lardner lobbyist, served as ARC director from December '94 to January '98. As director, he said he was an "ex officio member" and "essentially executive director" of RACC.

Carey said his job at ARC included duties like managing staff and developing legislative policy. But as RACC executive director, his jobs also included campaign work.

"My job was to make sure that Republicans in the Assembly got re-elected, and if there was an open seat that a Republican got it, and if there was an opportunity to defeat an incumbent Democrat to do that also," he said.

Carey said when Jensen was majority leader, RACC executive committee meetings were held in the ARC office. He said Jensen attended the meetings. When Jensen became speaker, the RACC meetings were held in Jensen's office, Carey testified.

The trial is now on recess until approximately 3 p.m.


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