Friday, February 24, 2006

Carey: Director's Job Was to Maintain Republican Majority

Carey elaborated on the purpose of the ARC director job in Meyer's cross. He said it was to secure and maintain a Republican majority.

Under Morgan's cross examination, Carey further elaborated. "The Legislature is a political body. It's all about the majority driving a political agenda."

Morgan responded, "What's that got to do with the people of the state?"

The question drew an objection from the prosecution. Ebert sustained the objection.

Morgan asked Carey if he ever asked Schultz to provide him with progress reports of candidates' fundraising efforts. Carey said yes, and Morgan asked him why that information would be important to him.

"You can't win a campaign if you don't have money." Carey answered.

Morgan asked whether that was a necessary function of Carey's employment of the state.

"During the campaign cycle," Carey replied, "to the extent that I'm the ARC director and I want to see a majority of Republicans re-elected ... yes."

Carey agreed with Morgan's statement that virtually all of ARC's staff were involved with campaigns during the campaign season. He also said that "a good chunk" of legislative staff were also involved with campaigning in that season.

As he has with nearly every witness who's received immunity, Morgan questioned Carey about his immunity agreement with the state. He pointed out that Carey originally refused to cooperate with the investigators.

Morgan asked why he changed his mind, and Carey said because of "potential prosecution."

Morgan asked him what he had to lose by not cooperating, Carey answered, "My money, my time, my life -- many things."


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