Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Attorney Says Jensen Plans to Testify

In his opening statement, attorney Stephen Meyer told the jury that in 10 days, his client, Scott Jensen, will take the witness stand to give his version of events.

While Assistant AG Roy Korte was formal, delivering his statement from behind a podium in a business-like manner, Meyer's delivery is more casual, leaning on an elbow against the podium.

Meyer said he's spent the last three years re-learning everything he thought he knew about the Legislature. He said he learned that "serving in the state Legislatiure is a proud and honorable profession, be it Republican or Democrat, and it involves a certain amount of self-sacrifice. You have no life. It's 24/7."

Meyer gave the jurors a thumbnail bio of Jensen's life and political career, from his beginnings as a legislative aide, to Gov. Tommy Thompson's chief of staff, to his election to the Assembly. Through the years, Meyer said Jensen learned the importance of campaigning, and "has foregone numerous opportunities to engage in more lucrative pursuits."

He said Jensen has been re-elected twice since the charges were raised, once by the largest margin of his career. He said Jensen loves his job. "It is his life," said Meyer.

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