Thursday, February 23, 2006

Artist Thought Secrecy Was Because of Dems

Defense attorney Meyer asked about the measures taken to maintain the secrecy of the documents. Riedesel indicated that he thought the goal was to keep them out of Democratic hands. "And did you believe the janitor was a Democrat as well?" Meyer asked.

"Yes - actually he stated he was," said Riedesel, drawing laughs.

Riedesel said he had no idea there was anything illegal going on until "caucus scandal" whistleblower Lyndee Wall passed him in the hall one day.

"She said, 'Doesn't it make you mad doing this work?' I said, 'Whaddya mean?'" Riedesel recalled. "She said, 'It's illegal.'"

Riedesel said no one suggested it was illegal before, but he said after Wall's comment he read newspaper reports that drove the point home to him.


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