Thursday, February 23, 2006

Another Caucus Artist Recalls Political Work

Kacy Hack, another former ARC graphic artist, took the stand next. Hack worked at ARC from April 1999 until it closed in November 2001. Hack was a more reticent witness than the graphic designers that preceded her.

A few months after she started work she said she worked with Schultz on a fundraiser invitation for a representative, and she recalled doing other work on fundraiser materials. She also recalled stuffing envelopes for a campaign on at least one occasion.

In addition. Hack said she did fundraising invitations for the Taxpayers for Jensen, and said she dealt with Schultz or a Jensen legislative staffer on those projects.

Contrary to prior witnesses, Hack said to her recollection campaign-related work was saved on disks in order for it not to take up space on hard drives, not necessarily to keep it secret. She said it wasn't unusual to keep non-campaign work on disks.

She said she also designed materials for the election campaigns of Rep. Don Friske and Rep. Terri McCormick, who is a candidate for the 8th Congressional District seat. (NOTE: This item has been corrected)

On cross-examination, Meyer asked Hack what Jensen said to her after the "caucus scandal" became public.

"He just wanted to make sure that he could help if we needed jobs - he just wanted to help us out," Hack said. She said Jensen never tried to influence what she told investigators.


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