Thursday, February 23, 2006

2nd Designer Testifies to Campaign Work in Caucus

Gina Ward, the state's first post-lunchtime witness, was hired at the Assembly Republican Caucus in 1987 by Jensen.

Ward, who now works with the Wisconsin state Senate as a graphic designer, says beginning with the 1988 primary season, she worked on campaign material. She said during election season, "most" of her time was taken by designing campaign materials, and the campaign workload gradually increased through the campaign period.

Blanchard asked if she does any campaign work in her current job. "I don't," she replied.

On cross-examination, Jensen attorney Stephen Meyer established that Ward only worked under caucus director Jensen for a couple years before he left for the governor's office.

Ward also said that while Jensen hired her, there were others at the job interview, and Jensen served under the orders of all the Republican legislators in the Assembly. Ward also said she doesn't remember Jensen ever assigning her any campaign-related work.

Ward also testified she has never worked with or met Sherry Schultz.


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