Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blanchard: "Other Guys Were Doing It" Is Not a Defense

-- Dane Co. Dist. Atty. Brian Blanchard says the "everybody else is doing it" defense should not be allowed in the trial involving state Rep. Scott Jensen and former Assembly aide Sherry Shultz.

The document filed with Dane Co. Judge Steven Ebert yesterday lists a number of arguments Blanchard would like to see excluded from the trial. Jury selection begins Feb. 21.

"A claim that 'other guys were doing it' is a confession, not a defense,
and it would be grossly misleading and confusing to a jury for defense
counsel to be allowed to treat this as anything but a confession at
trial," writes Blanchard to Dane Co. Judge Steven Ebert.

Blanchard has requested a hearing on the motions and on jury instructions be set for the week of Jan. 30.

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