Friday, December 16, 2005

WisPolitics: Chvala Sentencing Web cast


In a courtroom packed with media, family and curious citizens, Former Senate Majority Leader Chuck Chvala was handed a 9-month jail sentence Thursday on two felony counts.

The Madison Democrat was facing 19 felony counts but entered an agreement in October to plead to one of misconduct in office and a count of violating state campaign finance laws. Dane County Judge David Flanagan also fined Chvala $5,500 and gave the prosecution 45 days to come up with a restitution order.

Chvala's statement appears at the 33-minute mark of the Web cast. The
video also includes statements from Chvala attorney James Olson and
prosecutor David Feiss.
In announcing the sentence, Judge Flanagan said, "The injury done by these crimes was pervasive."

Prosecutor Feiss said the case came down to "power, corruption and courage."

--You must have a high-speed line and use a Microsoft browser
--Click on the chosen link above.
--Wait until it loads and then adjust volume on your speakers and on
the + - scale below the screen on the left.
--Use the "slide'' cues above the screen on the right to page
through the interview to the spot you want.
--Watch and listen, or minimize the screen, listen and do other
computer work.

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