Friday, December 02, 2005

Doyle Vetoes Medical Malpractice Caps

Gov. Jim Doyle has vetoed the medical malpractice caps approved by the Legislature last month. The veto comes a day after three UW Law School professors told Doyle's office that the new caps were as constitutionally unstable as the old caps that were overturned by the state Supreme Court. (See the post directly below for more on the letter.)

"Approving a law that would quickly be overturned doesn't do anyone any good," Governor Doyle said in a press advisory. "Instead, I encourage everyone involved in this issue to come together and figure out a responsible and lasting solution that has a real chance of being upheld by the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

In sending the bill to Doyle on Wednesday, Assembly Speaker John Gard said a Doyle veto would lead doctors to leave the state and would devastate access to quality health care in rural areas. Gard said since the bill passed with overwhelming majorities, a veto override would be a possibility.

U.S. Rep. Mark Green, who along with Milwaukee Co. Exec. Scott Walker is challenging Doyle for the governorship in '06, sent out a release blasting the governor in anticipation of the veto.

"Jim Doyle was given a clear choice between quality medical care for Wisconsin families or big paydays for trial lawyers," said Green in the release. "Unfortunately, Jim Doyle chose trial lawyers over the rest of us."

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