Friday, December 09, 2005

Chvala 'Extremely Sorry' for Caucus Violations

In an 8-page letter to Dane Co. Judge David Flanagan filed with the court Thursday, former Senate Majority Leader Chuck Chvala expressed his regret and asked for leniency.

"While I was the Democratic Leader of the Wisconsin Senate, State resources were used for Senate Democratic campaigns," Chvala wrote in the statement. "Since I was the head of the Senate Democratic Caucus (SDC) I should have insured that the law was followed and I accept responsibility for the violations. I am extremely sorry that these violations occurred and I apologize that they did."

"I am extremely sensitive to these charges because they not only devastated me personally, both emotionally and financially, but also because they have obscured my work and the work of other Senate Democrats for children, senior citizens, the environments and working families which achieved a Senior Prescription Drug program (senior care), lower class size for children in kindergarten through third grade (SAGE), health care for children, and increased investment in preserving sensitive land (stewardship) and even a do not call list to protect the privacy of children in their homes. I ask that you consider my career in public service and my remorse for committing crimes in your sentence of me."

See the document:

Meanwhile, Chvala's defense team filed a 47-pager filled with arguments for keeping the former senator out of jail.

"Chuck Chvala has the skill and desire to continue helping those in need," Chvala's attorneys attest. "Community service has a public benefit. Incarceration in this case has no public value"

Included in the document are character references from Capitol figures past and present, including former DPI Supt. John Benson."Senator Chvala provided the primary legislative leadership to accomplish having (SAGE) become law," reads the Benson testimonial. "SAGE continues to have great influence on early learning for children in kindergarten through third grade throughout the state."

See the document:

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