Friday, November 18, 2005

Web Cast: Supreme Court Hears Key Pier Case


As Realtors and Republican lawmakers protest proposed DNR pier regulations, the state Supreme Court is mulling a closely-watched case from Green Lake County.

According to the Supreme Court-provided summary, the case involves a homeowners’ association that owns a 77-foot stretch of lakeshore property with a pier where association members keep their boats. Acting on a complaint, the DNR ordered the association to shorten the pier and remove most of the boat slips. The matter landed in court. The Supreme Court is expected to decide if the administrative law judge correctly balanced the interests of the homeowners against the interests of the public, and whether the removal of boat slips constituted an illegal “taking” without due process.
--You must have a high-speed line and use a Microsoft browser
--Click on the chosen link above.
--Wait until it loads and then adjust volume on your speakers and on the + - scale below the screen on the left.
--Use the "slide'' cues above the screen on the right to page through the interview to the spot you want.
--Watch and listen, or minimize the screen, listen and do other computer work.

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