Monday, November 14, 2005

Crooks Touts New Endorsement List

Talk of a challenger for incumbent state Supreme Court Patrick Crooks is continuing to fade, as the critics who want to take him down just can't seem to find a candidate to challenge him.

A newly released list of endorsements from Crooks' campaign lists three former governors (Govs. Tommy Thompson, Patrick Lucey and Scott McCallum), five former state Supreme Court justices (Bill Bablitch, Louis Ceci, Donald Steinmetz, William Callow and Nathan Heffernan), more than 100 current and former judges, a score of past state Bar presidents, a dozen DAs and other politicos including Republican notables such as Jim Klauser, Scott Klug, Ray Taffora and Tim Sheehy.

Crooks organizer Bablitch, the former justice, says: "This list of supporters is growing daily. Its diversity speaks to the independence, fairness, and intelligence of Justice Crooks."

Crooks may yet be opposed, ventures one court and elections watcher who's unwilling to declare that Crooks is going to get a free ride. But until the "Anybody But Crooks" campaign finds a candidate, Crooks' endorsement list is likely to grow.

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