Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Feiss Says Burnett 'Instrumental' in Case Against Chvala

The prosecutor in the case against Sen. Chuck Chvala, Milwaukee County Asst. District Attorney David Feiss, said the testimony of Doug Burnett, a former Chvala aide, was "instrumental" in the closure of the case against the former Senate majority leader.

"He was extremely cooperative and it's difficult to believe the case would have progressed the way it did without Mr. Burnett," Feiss said. "He was incredibly forthright and accepting of responsibility for what he had done."

Burnett pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a misdemeanor and has been sentenced to 50 hours of community service.

Feiss also said former Sen. Brian Burke did come in for an interview voluntarily, but the testimony was not filed as evidence in the chase against Chvala. He said it may be filed in Burke's case and considered by Dane County Judge Bill Foust, who is presiding over that case.

Restitution was not part of the plea agreement in the Chvala case, and Feiss would not comment on what may be ordered. "The judge has raised that as an issue, and if he asks questions at sentencing we will be prepared to answer those questions," he said.

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