Friday, October 07, 2005

Burke Plea Seen as Unlikely to Affect Chvala

Observers consider the trial of former Senate majority leader Chuck Chvala a different animal from Burke's, with different charges and a different prosecuting team, and regard Chvala as unlikely to cop a plea. A preliminary hearing is set for Chvala on Oct. 17, with a jury trial to begin on Oct. 31.

"If you ask anybody that knows Chuck Chvala, he likes to fight," says one legal observer. "He's a hockey player," continued the observer about the man known as state Democrats' "goalie" during the reigns of GOP Govs. Tommy Thompson and Scott McCallum.

"Chvala, if anything, is a fighter. He's a bulldog -- but he doesn't have much ice to skate on," another observer said.

Lawyers on each side, citing ethical rules, declined to comment on whether the former Senate majority leader may take the same route as Burke and enter a plea agreement. But sources this week suggested it was unlikely the case will reach a solution before trial.

See motions filed this week in the Chvala case:

*Defense motions
*Proposed defense jury instructions

*Prosecution motions
*Proposed prosecution jury instructions

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